My name is Valentina Díaz Moya and I am a Law student, with a minor in journalism, of the University of the Andes. On this occasion I have the honor of being in charge of building the press during MONUA 2017, along with Santiago Roa Velandia, student of Economics and Government in the University of the Andes, who will be Academic Press Chief. For us is a great pleasure to invite you, our delegates, to join the team that will assume one of the greatest tasks that can exist in a United Nations Model: the interconnection between committees and the development of a crisis through journalism.  

We commit ourselves to provide you with the best university experience, which will be made up of different challenges that will allow you, and us, to achieve a personal and professional growth worthy of a learning environment like MONUA. Therefore, we hope that you decide to undertake this challenge with the responsibility of assuming and performing your roles with an unparalleled level of academic excellence.  

For this version, Academic Press will be a clear example of the pillars of innovation, creativity and excellence on which the Model of United Nations of the Universidad de los Andes is built upon year after year. Delegates, you will have to test your journalistic abilities, as well as your imagination capacity when documenting and informing each and every one of the crisis that we have prepared for the committees that make up the organization chart of MONUA 2017. Likewise, you will find yourselves immersed in a context of immediacy regarding the access to information, which you will have to face with effort and demand, bearing in mind that in your hands relies the hard task of giving the delegates the pertinent tools so that they can respond with agility to the crisis that arise.  

 We are waiting for you on the team of Academic Press to assume this challenge together!

Valentina Díaz Moya
Press Under-Director


IDIOMA: English - Spanish.

Academic Press will cover the different topics that are available for every one of the Subsecretaries of MONUA 2017. Likewise, the crisis that will be carried out will correspond to three axes of crisis: 1) Human Rights, 2) Security and 3) Economics. The delegates will play this role through the position of “Interconnection agents agents’’.

D O W N L O A D - S T U D Y - G U I D E