My name is Melissa Erasso Rodríguez. I am a student of last semester of Economics at the University of Los Andes. I am fascinated by economic development and history as a promoter of reflection. The creation of good public policies is the best mechanism available to provide equitable opportunities. Thus, the impact evaluation of any public policy must be central in the pursuit of doing things better. Also, I have always believed that the economic theory must not be dissociated from practical exercise and must be used to reconsider and reflect upon out limitations with the intent of transforming them into opportunities.

I am an admirer of different artistic activities, such as music and drawing and literature.  Additionally, I am a crazy fan of the Beatles and I never miss an episode of Game of Thrones. However, nothing gives me more satisfaction than being part of Models of the United Nations. I have been part of them since I was 11 years old and I have a new experience every time, which is enriching and challenging and has a great influence on my learning process as a professional and as a human being. I fully trust in the tools that these type of events help to develop, and I believe that the bonds formed are the most valuable thing I have gained.

For this year, I have the pleasure to introduce myself as Undersecretary-General for Crisis Angles, a job that I hope to accomplish in the most successful way possible. This Under Secretariat seeks to innovate and set new challenges for the development of MONUA 2017. As part of this Under Secretariat there will be two main components: An AdHoc Committee and the organization of MONUA’s General Crises. Both components allow the establishment of greater challenges for delegates and the Academic Team. Always seeking the excellence that has characterized us as a Model, creating change situations will allow MONUA to take a step to another level, reflecting the job that has always characterized us and our commitment to deliver the best we have. With the challenges presented in this edition of MONUA I hope you will be satisfied with your participation, with the achievements obtained, the friends you make and, to some extent, share the love all of us feel being a part of this great project.

I invite you to become a part of the Under Secretariat for Crisis Angles and of MONUA 2017!

Melissa Erasso Rodríguez
Under-Secretary-General for Crisis Angles


Committee recommended for advanced crisis delegates
LANGUAGE: English.
TOPIC: Secret. Will begin in 2017.

The world seems be at a time of such uncertainty that it does not know where to go. Questions concerning the preservation of the environment, the state of current democracies and the measurements to make people feel safe within its home country´s boundaries, while sparing them the risk of migrating to other territories where they hold any guarantees that life will be better, appeared to gain more relevance in the international community´s agenda. But despite any proposal that has ever been made, diseases keep spreading like wildfire; both the economy and the politics seem to benefit only the 1%, and armed conflicts continue to affect millions of people who have fallen under the tag of being an immigrant.

The world cannot longer withstand our wrongful decisions and overdue resolutions. For that matter, we invite you to be part of this Committee, which will have as its principal objective to make you live a unique experience in MONUA 2017; we invite you to be challenged and learn, along with us, and finally come up with well-rounded solutions to extreme situations that not only put the economy and politics at risk, but also the permanence of human beings in this world. In this fashion, your main task is to be prepared for the unexpected and be as creative as possible.

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