"A set of individual decisions inclined towards a change, derive in a change much greater than themselves. MONUA 2017, is looking for people who yearn to be part of the change, people who do not fear to take the leap towards a new tomorrow."
— María Alejandra Araújo Gutiérrez

My name is Maria Alejandra Araújo Gutiérrez, I am a third semester student of Economics and Management at La Universidad de Los Andes. I began my university studies with the ambition of becoming an economist and along the way, I discovered my passion for finance, microeconomics and consumer studies, which led me to start a double major program with the aim of deepening and expanding my knowledge in these areas. In the future, I plan to pursue a MBA with an emphasis on marketing and delve into the study of behavioral economics, in order to fully understand consumption and the variables within it. In addition to management and economics, music, theater and reading are a key part of my universe. 

The Models of United Nations have been an important edge of my life since the age of 12. Once I had the opportunity to get to know this world, I have not been able, nor have I wanted to stop participating in events of such magnitude, because I consider them to be a center of personal enrichment and creation of change. In this occasion, I will have the honor of participating in MONUA 2017 as Under-Secretary-General for Regional Committees. The principle that exigency and responsibility leads to excellence, will be the under secretariat’s engine. It is therefore vital that your preparation is arduous, your disposition broad and your commitment latent; if this is the case, we can make this Under-Secretariat one of the most memorable.  

The European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the Arab League and the Permanent Council of the OAS, are the committees that I will be in charge of. Mine and my team’s commitment is to guarantee the creation of challenging and innovative spaces. Spaces that allow the optimum development and discussion of topics, where the skills of a good delegate are tested, new leaders are forged and people who are the change they wish to see in the society are born. I will be waiting for you, so that together we can take the leap towards a new tomorrow. 

Last but not least, it is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the Under-Secretariat for Regional Committees of MONUA 2017! 

María Alejandra Araújo
Under-Secretary-General for Regional Bodies

+ Arab League

LANGUAGE: English.
TOPIC: Building of democratic systems in the Arab world - case of study: Egypt and Containment measures against ISIS´ oil extraction and commerce with foreign states.

  1. Containment measures against ISIS´ oil extraction and commerce with foreign states.
    Contrary to most belligerent organizations, ISIS has managed to build a unique infrastructure system; whether it is from governance or from a funding point of view. However, it is the former item which we must discuss for the session. In this regard, analysts have pointed out the importance of oil extraction as a key factor for the functioning of this terrorist group. Even though, external actors have stopped ISIS in some fronts, the people of the nearby countries, and Member States of the League are the ones who suffered the most from both the scourges of military action by foreigners and the evil organization as well. In that matter, we command fellow Arab states to work jointly to finally defeat ISIS. This goal shall be accomplished as long as the committee comes up with specific measures that could weaken ISIS principal source of funding, the commerce and production of oil.

  2. Building of democratic systems in the Arab world, case of study: Egypt. In the last few years some Arab countries went through a series of uprising movements perpetuated by its citizens as a sign of protest against their local government, these series of movements known as "Arab spring" ended the life of many citizens and affected the country in every face, including economy, politics and human rights. Each country ended with a semi stable government after years of fighting, but it gave us the conclusion that Arab countries are very prone to chaos. Because of this, it is necessary to create guidelines of a political system that would work on every country in the Arab League in a case of extreme emergency; for this topic, the case of study will be Egypt, and delegates should be based on this case to create their own guidelines of a new Arab political system taking into account the charter and rules of the Arab league.

D O W N L O A D - S T U D Y - G U I D E

+ Consejo permanente de la OEA

LANGUAGE: Spanish.
DOUBLE DELEGATIONS: Representando a los dos embajadores del país ante la OEA.
TOPIC: Agenda de Desarrollo Interamericano 2022: Una América sustentable, libre de pobreza.

En el Consejo Permanente de la Organización de los Estados Americanos trabajaremos sobre las bases para la creación de objetivos de desarrollo para 2022 que confluyan con los ODS promulgados por la ONU y que se basen en tres ejes: 

  1. Económico: Relacionado al crecimiento económico de todos los países de las Américas, así como el comercio entre los mismos;
  2. Social: Relacionado a acabar con la pobreza y la desigualdad en las Américas para 2022; y
  3. Político: Relacionado con dar la fortaleza institucional necesaria para sobrellevar los problemas relacionados a la democracia en las Américas, y a los distintos problemas relacionados a los derechos humanos.

Como objetivo propio del comité pretenderemos, también, crear un sistema de revisión de cumplimiento de los objetivos a fin de generar incentivos para el alcance de los mismos, enmarcado en la posibilidad de incurrir en castigos de cualquier tipo en caso de observarse falta de voluntad para el cumplimiento.

Se espera que al interior de los tres ejes temáticos se creen objetivos claros que tengan en cuenta las condiciones propias de cada uno de los Estados de la OEA, especialmente en lo relacionado al cumplimiento de los distintos acuerdos y marcos al interior de la misma Organización.

D O W N L O A D - S T U D Y - G U I D E

+ European Parliament

LANGUAGE: English.
SINGLE DELEGATION: Representing a Parliamentary.
TOPIC: Negotiation of the exit terms of the United Kingdom from the European Economic Area: the question of basic freedoms in the common market. Capital and merchandise, workers and services freedoms.

Recent events that have developed within the European Union, related to the departure of the United Kingdom of the organization (Brexit) have created uncertainty and doubts about the future of the European Union as a regional bloc. UK has two years to negotiate the process of their official exit from the EU according to the article 50 of the treaty of Lisbon. This output has not only raised doubts about the strength of the European Union, but there are also questions about what will happen to the whole left on the EU. UK was a very important actor in the European Union. It provided 22% of the overall EU budget and it was one of the biggest promoters of free trade.

The output of the UK EU leaves a big gap. This is why it is important that European parliament discuss what the effects on the 3 basic freedoms that one of the main concern no just for the European Union, but for UK:

  • Freedoms in the common market,
  • Freedoms in capital and merchandise,
  • Freedoms in workers and services freedoms

To address these issues, we have considered the idea of dividing the European Parliament in three sub-committees, where the issues will be discussed separately. The aim of addressing these three issues, is to find solutions in every aspect in order to counteract the effects of the Brexit in the EU. This is why the Presence of the European Parliament is vital in MONUA 2017, because it will deal with one of the most important issues of international policy in Europe and it will eventually ratify the agreement made between the EU and UK. This committee also, will be in constant connection with the House of Commons committee of MONUA 2017.

D O W N L O A D - S T U D Y - G U I D E

+ Consejo de la Unión Europea

LANGUAGE: Spanish.
SINGLE DELEGATION: Representando al Ministro de Defensa del Estado Miembro.
TOPIC: Modificación de la política común de seguridad y defensa como respuesta al avance del terrorismo en el continente europeo.

La escalada del terrorismo en Europa durante los últimos dos años, ha derivado en una crisis interna en temas de seguridad y defensa por toda la región que aún en nuestros días no encuentra solución alguna. Las 230 víctimas en Francia y las 375 a raíz del atentado en el aeropuerto de Bruselas la capital belga, demuestran la vulnerabilidad de la Unión Europea para hacer frente a esta amenaza.

Las diferentes instituciones de la Unión Europea al ver el desafío coyuntural que enfrenta la región, decidieron iniciar una serie de reuniones para que, en conjunto con todos sus miembros, se tomara la mejor decisión para garantizar el bienestar de los ciudadanos en su territorio. Sin embargo, estas reuniones no han tenido un final exitoso y por el contrario han propiciado el crecimiento de sectores políticos que abogan por el nacionalismo y la protección soberana individual de los países europeos, empeorando la crisis y aumentando la división dentro de la misma organización.

La UE que se caracteriza por su gran poderío de actuación como bloque, gracias a la cooperación de los 28 países miembros, aún mantiene el interrogante latente sobre cómo defenderse del terrorismo radical que arriba desde Medio Oriente pero que se propaga en las esferas más íntimas de las sociedades europeas. Es por ello que, algunos países han planteado un fortalecimiento de la Política Común de Seguridad y Defensa de la Unión, lo cual en un escenario de futuro próximo sería la mejor opción para garantizar la estabilidad de la región.

De esto radica el interés de modificar esta política, involucrando más actores, creando nuevas instituciones o aumentando la intervención dentro de los países, lo cual genera inevitablemente conflictos entre los países europeos que en esta versión del Consejo de la Unión Europea MONUA 2017 se espera resolver.

D O W N L O A D - S T U D Y - G U I D E